Industrial Production – A measure of the total value of industry within a nation, including utilities, manufacturing and mining. Industrial production is regarded as a reliable indicator of employment and individual income.

Inflation – The economic effect whereby prices for goods and services rise measured as an annual percentage increase.

Initial Margin – The deposit required to open a new position used as collateral on the performance of the position.

Interbank Rates – The top-tier foreign exchange rates at which banks and large financial institutions may trade at. Interbank rates are lower than the rates for individual traders.

International Standards Organization (ISO) – An international organization that sets standards for international markets and measurements that transcend national languages. All currencies have a three-letter ISO code called the ISO 4217 code.

Intervention – An foreign exchange action taken by a central bank that attempts to adjust the value of its currency. A concerted intervention is multiple central banks working together to control the value of currency pairs.

Introducing Broker – A broker that works for a client but delegates the actual trading floor operations to another broker or merchant.