Manufacturing Production – A measurement of the total volume of industrial production for a country as it relates to manufacturing. The 13 subsectors that make up the manufacturing industry account for about 80 percent of industrial production.

Margin – Margin is the deposit required to open a new position.

Margin Call – A margin call is a declaration from a broker or dealer to a trader that additional collateral is required to open a new position or continue to keep open a position after unfavourable transactions have posted to the trader’s account.

Mark-to-Market (MTM) – MTM is the reevaluation of a trader’s open positions at current market prices. This evaluation is used to determine if a margin call must be issued.

Market – A trading arena constrained by political or geographic boundaries.

Market Maker – A dealer who has the ability to quote and back up both ask and bid prices, thus becoming a market unto itself.

Market Risk – All open positions that are exposed to fluctuations in the market are in a state of market risk.

Maturity – The settlement or expiration date for any financial instrument is known as the maturity date.