Technical Analysis – Technical analysis is the evaluation of currency movement through the use of historical data from market activity.

Tick – A tick is the minimum change in price from one quote to the next.

Time Horizon – The period of time encompasses by a forecast is known as the time horizon.

Tomorrow Next – Often abbreviated as tom next, tomorrow next is a procedure whereby a currency is purchased and sold within a single day. Tom next is used to avoid actual delivery of the currency since delivery is two days after the date of the transaction.

Trade balance – A nation’s trade balance is the difference in the value between its exports and imports.

Trading Model – A trading model is a software application that uses technical analysis and complicated algorithms to provide a trader with trade recommendations.

Transaction Cost – The cost, including fees and commissions, of a completed trade is the transaction cost.

Transaction Date – The transaction date is the date when a currency transaction is made and accepted.

Turnover – Turnover is a figure that represents the value of currency traded in a time period in comparison to the total value of an account or portfolio.

Two-Way Price – A two-way price is a quote with both an ask price and bid price.